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Composed of lot and homeowners, brokers, agents, property consultants and developers, Capstone Realty is one of La Unionís active real estate companies.

Selling Real Properties

Capstone Realty has several properties in their inventory, including residential lots, houses, commercial buildings, spaces & industrial land. We also have 8 locations for our beach properties. From Bauang all the way to Bacnotan, and in Ilocos Sur. We also have agricultural lands, such as farms for vegetable growing, agroforestry farms, mahogany farms.


For sellers, lot and home owners who want to sell their properties, we can market properties for you by including it in our website, in our listing, placing signboards, researching & securing papers, thus increasing the exposure of the property.

For a buyer of a real property, we can recommend and provide expert opinion in a property investment which fits their need or their requirement, thereby creating a shortlist - qualifying a property vis-ŗ-vis property need, therefore, saving time, money and effort.

Capstone Realty is also an authorized Broker of Major Banks, Rural Banks, Corporations, Churches and other organizations.

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Property Type: Farm Agricultural Lots
Location: Balaoan, La Union
Lot Area: 3,700 SQM

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