Contract Preparation and Documentation

We can help you fix documents for your lots and properties. Visit us for free consultation.

Land Titling and Surveying

Visit our office to get free consultation on how your property can be titled, either by a Torrens Title or Free Patent Title. We also survey land to establish property boundaries and shape and define technical descriptions of land for deeds, lessees and other legal documents.


With our experienced liason officers, we can free you of the paper works, long queues, and other hassles of land transfers, and other real estate transactions.


Our team of real estate brokers can assess the value of your property. We give free advise and consultation. Call for an appointment.

For more information about our services, contact us.

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Property Type: Residential Lots
Location: Pangasinan
Lot Area: 100 SQM-3,700 SQM

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